Hello Agents,

We want you to come discover Beirut!

We will provide you with 24 high quality missions to explore the city together.

During mission day you need to complete 12 out of 24 missions in order to get the mission day medal.
Email registration: missiondaybeirut@gmail.com

Missions map

Download MD map layer to your phone.


11:00 Group Picture @ The National Museum of Beirut
(GMaps) (Intel Portal: "National Lebanese Museum")
18:00 Scanner check, Lebanese food and a beer or ten @ Café Em Nazih
(GMaps) (Intel Portal: "Lebanese Cedar")
23:59 Last chance to send a screenshot of your agent profile showing your agent name and completed MD Beirut missions to missiondaybeirut@gmail.com
*all the times are in UTC +3 time zone

Hints & Tips

USD are accepted in Lebanon. You can exchange 1 USD with 1500 LBP anywhere or you can even pay with USD.
Famous taxi companies are operational in Beirut Uber, Careem, UGO ...
You can also use regular taxi cars. You can recognize the Taxis by the red plate number and yellow taxi tag.
While taking a regular taxi and unless the distance is too far, use the word "Service" instead of taxi: it will cost you only 2,000 LBP.
For any additional info, please join our Telegram group

Mobile Data

Suggested SIM cards and Data bundles:
Alfa Prepaid Weekly Data Bundle: Suggested bundle: 13.3 USD (7 USD 1 week 1.5 GB + 5.9 USD worth of calls/SMSs)
SIM card: 3.3 USD (includes 3 USD usable for 10 days)
Prepaid recharge: 10 USD (includes 9.9 USD usable for 13 days)
Data bundle recharge for 1 week: 500 MB (5 USD) or 1.5 GB (7 USD) or 5 GB (15 USD)
Touch recharge Voucher Suggested bundle: 15.5 USD (7 USD 1 week 1 GB + 7.36 USD worth of calls/SMSs)
SIM Card: 3.5 USD (includes 3 USD usable for 5 days)
Prepaid recharge: 12 USD (includes 11.36 USD usable for 10 days)
Data bundle recharge for 1 week: 1 GB (7 USD)